Radiation Prectection Officer - Pre Course

Radiation Prectection Officer - Pre Course

This course is a prerequisite course for Radiation Protection Offices (RPO) Training Program on Industry and Medical fields, which will be held in Center for Education and Training, National Nuclear Energy Agency (CET-BATAN).

The goal of this course is to prepare and equip basic knowledge of participants, so as to produce competent personnel as Radiation Protection Officers in the use of ionizing radiation sources in industry and medical, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Learning Objectives, by the end of this course, Participants have competence:

1. to explain the concepts of radiation physics related to the process of radiation and its interactions with matter; 

2. to explain the amount, unit of radiation, the concept of external and internal dosimetry and so the use of radiation measuring device;

3. to explain radiation safety and control of external and internal radiation hazards.