Radiography for Level 1 -  Pre Course

Radiography for Level 1 - Pre Course

This course is very needed by private agencies / inspection companies or government agencies engaged in Non-Destructive Testing, especially Radiography. This course must be attended by personnel who wish to obtain a Work Permit as a Radiography Level 1 from BAPETEN and Radiography Level 1 competency certificates from personnel certification bodies. This course is an expert course that provides personnel with Competency-Based Course on Radiography Level 1, which will held in Center for Education and Training - BATAN.

Before participating in Radiography Level 1 Course, participants prepared themselves by participating in pre-Course, so that they already had basic material before taking the actual course in class.

The goal of this course is to prepare and equip basic knowladge as participant, so as to produce competence personnel as Radiography Level 1, in accordance with applicable  regulations.